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When I get past the 30 June

Posted on July 2, 2017
by Angela Bernardi in BUSINESS Blogs & Opinion Blogs
The 30 June ‘deadline’ at the end of the financial year always represents a key annual milestone to me. Firstly it indicates I survived another financial year! Secondly, it’s a marking point that reminds me to stop, take a deep breath, reflect on everything that has been achieved in the last year and plan ahead for the next. The end of financial year is not always about the ‘financial things’… So my non financial checklist looks something like this…

End of Financial Year Checklist

  • Reflect on achievements – This is time to hone in on my not so ‘zen’ self… but nothing a cup of tea and a piece of chocolate can’t fix. I think about what moments, experiences or achievements I was proud of? What did I struggle with? How did I overcome the struggles? What did I learn? What big leaps did I take? What was I thankful for?
  • Plan ahead for the next 12 months – Generally this requires a glass of wine and possibly a cheese platter (after the kids are in bed of course), but I start by thinking what is important? What are my goals? How am I going to achieve them? Do I have the skills required? Who can I lean on for assistance and who can I learn from?
  • Take time to celebrate – On a personal note I’m off to Italy and France with my family for a short break (tagging Scott on his way back home…)!

On an office note BLG had a lovely end of financial year dinner with our fantastic team! On behalf of Scott, Michael, Clayton and myself, we would like to say a massive thank you to the BLG Team. We have an absolutely amazing group of people that we are truly blessed to have the privilege of working with every day. Our team well and truly go above and beyond for our clients and BLG would not be the firm it is without each and every one of them. We appreciate everything you do for us and our clients!

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