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Life is short…

Posted on February 6, 2017
by Clayton Childs in BUSINESS Blogs & Opinion Blogs

Life is short – everyone appears to know this.

When I was younger I used to ponder this. Is life actually a short time, or are we really complaining about it being finite? Would we be just as likely to feel life was short if we lived 10 times as long? I soon stopped thinking too much about it.

Then I grew up, got older and had kids. This process felt like it happened really fast and thus appeared to provide some answers. I concluded life is short.

This was driven home to me again this week when my youngest started primary school and then turned 5 years old. I still remember my wife being pregnant with him and it feels like it was only last week…

The scarcity of any resource always generally brings into focus how you utilise that resource. Brevity and frailty of life sometimes doesn’t hit home until it has been snuffed out at some point.

Ultimately our legacies here, history would indicate, are generally felt by the lives we impact, not necessarily the gear we accumulate or the number of awards we ‘win’ in varying endeavours. And my experience has been I can only impact lives by spending time with the people I hope to impact… having kids really drove this home to me.

I’d encourage you to review how you spend your time, and on what, as often as you can. Do you need to make an effort to change how you currently spend your time?


Clayton Childs

Thanks Joe. You definitely have a good memory, was 23 years ago January just gone. I remember it pretty clearly too – you were heading to insolvency in Sydney office that week for a secondment – goes pretty quickly.

Joe Gaudiosi

And I can recall your first day at C&L reasonably clearly too ….. like it wasn’t that long ago ….. or maybe it was and I just have a good memory?!?! Nice blog 🙂

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