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Talking vs Technology

Posted on December 21, 2016
by Angela Bernardi in BUSINESS Blogs & Opinion Blogs

Wishing you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Eye opener from the experts

Recently I went to a conference, one of the guest speakers was Dr Fiona Kerr and her topic was ‘Rewiring your brain’. Her message was so simple yet something we have to be reminded of to appreciate its importance.

She spoke about the benefits and the power of face-to-face interaction and eye contact and how the manner we communicate has changed over the past decade. How many times do you see a group of people sitting together all on their phones? Not talking, not interacting, not even looking at each other. She explained that when you communicate with someone face-to-face it releases endorphins, essentially what we know as that ‘feel good sensation’ which you do not get by connecting with someone through technology.

The ‘feel good sensation’

What she made me remember is this ‘feel good sensation’ has a lot of power, for example, you are able to calm someone through looking at them and talking to them. This may be a child who is upset or a person who is in a fearful situation. When we smile and laugh neurons in our brain fire and connect. If you connect positively with someone, you are able to achieve more out of a given situation.

How do you connect with people now?

Take breaks from technology to talk

Technology is taking over our lives, so next time you are at a cafe in line waiting to order your coffee, instead of looking at your phone, talk to the person next you. When you are at home make sure you don’t pick up the closest device, interact with your family. Or instead of sending an email to your work colleague go over and have a chat. By connecting with someone you will get that ‘feel good sensation’ and the reaction in turn!

Put down your device and go have a chat!

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