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The Importance of Teamwork

Posted on April 3, 2017
by Michael Grew in BUSINESS Blogs & Opinion Blogs

With the change of season to autumn in recent weeks, the return of the football season is upon us – a favourite time of year for me.

Over the weekend I managed to observe plenty of football and, at the same time, plenty of sporting organisations. The distinction between a well-run club, and one not so well-run, is easy to spot. The best organisations have key people pulling in the same direction, and are very conscious of what they are trying to achieve.

I was recently most fortunate to observe the women’s NPL football club from Sydney University playing in Wollongong. All five of their women’s teams, from U/13’s right through to 1st grade, played with a similar style, had coaches who knew exactly what their jobs were – and not necessarily simply to win each game at all costs. It was abundantly clear that all key stakeholders were singing from the same song sheet. They were a pleasure to observe. On field success will be a mere formality for such a tightly knit club of teams.

The same can be said at all levels of business.

Observing well-run businesses is one of the benefits of being a business adviser. They commonly have a clear picture of the objectives of the business, have all key personnel and stakeholders moving in the same direction, and have very good communication. Key people also act selflessly, and in the best interests of the organisation or business as a whole.

Are you able to replicate those key pillars shown by the Sydney University Women’s Football Club in your business?

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