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Accounting Blogs

Commercial Leasing – Know what you are signing up for!

13 August, 2018

Finding a suitable location for operating your business can be a time-consuming and stressful exercise, particularly if you are a…

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Acquisition Blogs

Property Prices in Sydney and Wollongong

28 January, 2018

New year predictions on the property market in Sydney & Wollongong.

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Auditing Blogs

Death, taxes and… ‘unintended consequences’

2 October, 2017

Recent super reforms have lead to an indirect inheritance tax.

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Business Advisory Blogs

TBAR Requirements & Deadlines Explained

16 September, 2018

A summary of TBAR events that need to be reported and in what time frame.

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Employment Blogs

5 Keys to Building a Winning Team

6 August, 2018

Good leadership practices are important. Here are five must dos for building a winning team.

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IT & Cloud Blogs

Technology in the SMSF environment

10 September, 2018

Find out how managing your SMSF with cloud technology means more efficient and effective accounting.

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Opinion Blogs

Why Sport Is Important

3 September, 2018

What skills can participating in sport from an early age translate into as an adult?

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Structuring Blogs

Land Tax – Know the Traps & Exemptions

24 November, 2017

We reveal the primary Land Tax traps and exemptions to assist you in your property purchases.

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Superannuation Blogs

Excess Superannuation Contributions

21 September, 2018

Understand how much you can contribute to your self-managed superannuation fund.

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Taxation Blogs

Getting the Facts on Payroll Tax

18 July, 2018

Are you an employer? If so you could be liable for Payroll Tax, so we give you the facts!

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