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Dealing with Change

Posted on June 4, 2019
by Clayton Childs in BUSINESS Blogs & Opinion Blogs

Over the last few weeks we have seen Bill Shorten lose the ‘un-losable’ election and Scott Morrison win the ‘un-winnable’ election… ‘losers’ & ‘winners’ out of the same situation. The difference is all a matter of perspective some would say.

It has been interesting to assess the post-election opinions in the media. One fairly constant refrain has been that the promotion of too much change was a contributor to Bill Shorten & Labor’s downfall.

I tend to think it is human nature to not like change, especially when we perceive nothing is ‘wrong’ with the current situation we find ourselves in. Some would say however that change is inevitable and thus one of the few knowns in a world of unknowns.

In many years of business consulting I have found clients are faced with change constantly, and in recent years it has come faster and in higher volume due to technology. The clients who have embraced the change and tried to make it work on their terms, through well thought out strategies and early planning, have generally been positive and content at the end of the process.

Next time you are faced with a situation where the only option is change, try to see it for the opportunities it presents, not just the potential annoyance it may also bring.

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