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Protesting & Community Respect

Posted on November 6, 2019
by Phil Grant in BUSINESS Blogs & Business Insights

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There has been a lot of media coverage lately in regards to climate change ambassadors protesting both in Australia and around the world. While this is a very large and important issue and while I believe everybody should stand up for what they believe in, protests have the potential to go too far. I think the recent protest activities have gone too far in a number of areas.

Workplace Disruption

The sight of protestors physically blocking and pushing individuals from entering their workplace was terrible. It is one thing to stand and let your voice be heard or your sign be shown, but physically pushing somebody trying to enter their workplace is going way too far.

Community Impact

The disruption caused to people going about their everyday lives, whether that be going to work, going to a medical appointment, or even going to meet family or friends was also going too far. Protestors blocking streets in different forms and causing delays to traffic, public transport and emergency vehicles is not right nor fair. These people affected may or may not agree with the protests, but to get dragged involuntarily into the protests and be absolutely inconvenienced again is not right nor fair.

Public Service Resources

Not only have the protests disrupted many people, they have also used a huge amount of public service resources when they could/should be used in other areas. The cost of these services during the protests is huge and it is paid for by the taxpayer, you and me.

When there is a sporting, music or other public event on, the organisers of those events are required to pay for public service resources such as police and medical emergency. I wonder how many of these protestors would dip their hands into their own pockets if they had to pay for such services for the privilege of attending these protests?

Protest Respectfully

So if you are planning a protest about an issue that is close to your heart, by all means do that and shout as loud as you can, but please use your common sense and be mindful and considerate of others in the community. Funnily enough, a respectful protest is likely to garner a much more favourable outcome and increased community support. I know which direction I’d take.

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