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Tax Planning – Strategies & Opportunities for Business Owners

12 November, 2019

A tax planning guide of why it’s important, how to get started & when to start it.

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What is Land Tax? The Facts, Traps and Thresholds.

10 November, 2019

All you need to know about land tax, including the traps and thresholds.

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Payroll Tax for your Business – The Details and Next Steps

8 October, 2019

Payroll tax is often misunderstood by business owners. Here are the details and next steps.

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Land Tax – What is it?

22 July, 2019

Find out the current Land Tax thresholds and if it applies to you.

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Main Residence Exemption for Capital Gains Tax

15 July, 2019

Here are a few things to consider for new businesses to arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can.

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Tax Reforms Impacting Property Ownership

8 July, 2019

The latest details on significant changes to property ownership and real property tax laws.

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Planning for New Business Owners

6 May, 2019

Here are a few things to consider for new businesses to arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can.

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The Federal Budget – Tax Impact

5 April, 2019

The main superannuation and tax measures proposed within the 2019 budget are listed below. It must be noted however that…

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Federal Budget 2019 – A Surplus of Pre-Election Good News

5 April, 2019

We outline the major proposed changes following the Coalition's 2019 Federal Budget announcement.

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Superannuation Tax Planning Strategies

25 March, 2019

As we approach EOFY, setting up strategies for superannuation tax can be beneficial depending on your circumstances.

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With Labor in the Lead, Get Prepared for Tax Reform

4 March, 2019

We take a look at the potential impact of Labor's proposed tax reform in key areas if they are elected.

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Is your interest expenditure tax deductible?

29 January, 2019

The 'purpose' of borrowing funds will determine if the interest expenditure is tax deductible. We explain it here.

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Selling your Property as a Foreign Resident

19 November, 2018

If you are a foreign resident for tax purposes this could now impact exemptions for selling your house in Australia.

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Rental Properties – Allowable Deductions & Changes

12 November, 2018

There are various deductions you can claim for rental properties in your tax return, plus some changes now in effect.

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Contractor Reporting – The latest industries & requirements

9 July, 2018

Certain industries who work with contractors have ATO reporting requirements.

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High Income Earners, Superannuation & Division 293 Tax

28 May, 2018

Division 293 Tax aims to create fairer tax concessions between high and low income earners on super contributions.

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Individuals – Tax & Other Impacts from the Federal Budget

13 May, 2018

The federal government has proposed a Low and Middle Income Tax Offset (LMTO). This offset could convert to a benefit of up to $530 annually.

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Business Owners – What You Need To Know!

11 May, 2018

2018/19 Federal Budget Announcement The 2018/19 Federal Budget handed down by Scott Morrison on Tuesday 8 May 2018 incorporated a…

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Tax Planning – Something to be excited about?

24 March, 2018

A real opportunity to assess the health of your business and take control by planning ahead.

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Fringe Benefits Tax (and how to minimise it)

19 March, 2018

The FBT year ends on 31 March, so make sure you know which employee benefits are liable for FBT.

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When Good Times Go Bad

13 February, 2018

If life takes a downward turn, a little planning can help you move forward.

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Negative Gearing and Capital Gains Tax expectations under a Labor Government

15 January, 2018

A change in government could mean changes in negative gearing & CGT.

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Land Tax – Know the Traps & Exemptions

24 November, 2017

We reveal the primary Land Tax traps and exemptions to assist you in your property purchases.

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Land Tax & Ownership

20 November, 2017

Here we provide the Land Tax calculation and the main types of ownership with this can vary.

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How do Tax Rates & Franking Credits affect your business?

27 October, 2017

How the reduced small business tax rate affects franking credits to shareholders.

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So What Are The Small Business Tax Benefits?

23 October, 2017

We share the 'good' news tax benefits for SMEs.

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Death, taxes and… ‘unintended consequences’

2 October, 2017

Recent super reforms have lead to an indirect inheritance tax.

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Shorten’s View on Trusts…

28 August, 2017

Labor’s recent proposed policy to impose a minimum 30 per cent tax on discretionary trusts and deny the graduated personal…

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Medicare Levy Surcharge & Private Health Insurance – What’s the link?

18 April, 2017

Medicare Levy vs Medicare Levy Surcharge The majority of Australian resident taxpayers pay the Medicare Levy which partly funds access…

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Buying & Financing a Business Car

7 April, 2017

How to buy and finance a car is one of the most common questions we get asked. There are various options available and pros & cons associated with each.

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Act fast, Plan early – 2017 Tax Planning

20 March, 2017

Tax planning is critical to the long term success of any business. It provides you with the opportunity to assess…

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Fringe Benefits Tax – What you need to do now

16 February, 2017

With the Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) year ending on 31 March 2017, the time to determine whether your business needs to submit a FBT return is now!

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Your ATO Business Portal – What & How?

3 February, 2017

What is the Business Portal? The Business Portal is a safe, secure website where you can manage your business tax…

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Personal Services Income (PSI): A recap

23 January, 2017

Personal Services Income (PSI) is a tax concept that covers income produced mainly from your personal skills or efforts as an individual. You can receive PSI in almost any industry as a trade or profession.

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NSW Land Tax – Does this apply to you?

16 January, 2017

NSW Land Tax can be applied to land owners of a property in NSW - read the details!

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Payroll Tax – Is Your Business Over The Threshold?

28 November, 2016

Are you aware of the Payroll Tax obligations for businesses? Overlooking Payroll Tax could be a costly mistake, so we have listed the important information for you to understand it and work out if, or when, it applies to you.

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Tax Incentives for Early Stage Investors

12 October, 2016

In May 2016 the federal government passed legislation implementing new tax incentives designed to foster investment in innovative start-up businesses...

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Cash vs Accruals: What and when?

12 September, 2016

The difference between cash and accrual accounting is important to understand, whether you handle your own financial statements, or hire…

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Contractors vs Employees – The Difference

29 August, 2016

The status of your staff, or workers, is very important to distinguish. Whether workers are classified as employees or independent contractors has…

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What you need to know about Small Business CGT Concessions

22 August, 2016

Thinking of selling your business? Small businesses have been able to access a range of taxation concessions for a number…

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Essential Due Dates for your Diary – 2017 Financial Year

8 August, 2016

Given the ever increasing role of business as the Australian Government’s ‘tax collector’, I am often involved in conversations with…

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How to get money out of a company

11 July, 2016

From past experience, we find that many people in business who establish a company tend to find it difficult to…

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SMEs – the real winners in the 2016/17 federal budget

20 June, 2016

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) were the real winners of the 2016-17 federal budget. With the definition of a ‘small…

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Why is the right business structure so important?

1 June, 2016

It is paramount to have the correct structuring in place in order to effectively build your wealth or grow your…

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Speculation around negative gearing and what it means for potential investors

16 May, 2016

Negative gearing is a hugely popular strategy in Australia due to the associated tax benefits. As the election approaches, there…

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Does the budget affect you?

11 May, 2016

With a double dissolution election on the way, and one of the longest election leads up in Australian history, it’s…

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