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Taking care of business – for you, your practice and your patients

Posted on November 2, 2017 in INDUSTRY Blogs & Medical Specialists
We know your time, and that of your patients, is valuable. Keeping everything in order takes time and knowledge. It’s not just the financials – everything from income protection to succession planning to business processes are all so important, but sometimes overlooked with other demands to focus on.
Having an experienced team behind you to take care of the important, but time-heavy, personal and business requirements could ease this pressure. Add to that crucial advice on legal requirements, asset protection and even investments.
That’s where BLG Business Advisers can assist you. We have worked with numerous medical specialists, and while we would never proclaim to understand the medical industry like you do, we respect the time constraints you have and the importance of maximising your practice performance. Our team plus a host of networks, from solicitors to financial planners, are here to assist you and your practice.

More than just accounting

Yes, BLG can more than assist you with your accounting and taxation needs, but what we actually provide encompasses a whole range of services.

Did you know how important your business structure is for ongoing growth, efficient business practices and even your retirement?

Did you know how important it is to factor your superannuation into your estate planning?

These are just a couple of the things we ensure you know and that our range of services can assist you with. We want to work with you and build a tailored solution that sets you and your practice up for current and future success.

A network of important services

BLG ensures any other requirements linked to you and your practice are covered:

  • We work with your solicitor to ensure your estate planning is as per your wishes and up-to-date.
  • We ensure all your relevant structures are accounted for and advise you on the relevant implications of asset protection for your beneficiaries, tax management strategies and more.
  • We ensure you are adequately insured and work with your insurance broker to ensure all areas are looked after.
  • If you require assistance with passive investments we can work with your financial planner to ensure the appropriate structure is in place to protect your passive assets and to manage tax across your family group.

If you don’t yet have a relationship with a solicitor, insurance broker or financial planner we have a network of contacts we can put you in touch with.

BLG have no alliances to the businesses we recommend. We choose a service provider based on what we think is most beneficial for you, and who can provide the best service for your particular requirements.

Start this important conversation and gain a lot more knowledge about your situation. It can only benefit you, your practice and your patients.

Get in touch with BLG Business Advisers online or call (02) 4229 2211.

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