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These stories are the reason our team do what we do, and we thank our clients for sharing them with you.
Read or watch what our clients reveal about their personal journey with BLG. Enjoy!

Roadside Assistance Company

For the past 10 years, Jill and Brett Robinson have owned and operated a Roadside Assistance company, primarily focused on accident towing. From humble beginnings where they operated a workshop, insurance office and roadside service from a single location, the business has grown to cover additional sites state-wide and expanded their service capacity. In 2018, with the help of BLG, they doubled the size of their operations and staff – and they couldn’t be more excited about the future.

“Our business has been spread over the state geographically. Our aim is to grow in the Mid-North Coast region, creating an efficient and sustainable business,” said Jill and Brett. “[Our goal is to] keep our core business as road service and diversify into areas closely related, such as towing, to future-proof ourselves.”

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Illawarra Family Medical Centre

Illawarra Family Medical Centre has been around for 13 years, and since being introduced to BLG 12 years ago, has gone from strength to strength. With yearly growth and now 17 quality doctors and visiting specialists, the medical centre is in a solid position. Recently winning three grants to expand their services, including running a pilot project for a new model of medicine called ‘Healthcare Homes’, they have become one of the biggest private medical practices in the Illawarra.

In August 2005 the Illawarra Family Medical Centre opened its doors and in November 2005 Kath Kelly was appointed as Practice Manager. After the medical centre had been opened for six months, Kath recognized there were issues and they needed strong financial and business guidance. “Doctors aren’t taught to be business people and that’s why we employ people who look after us,” says Kath. They were referred to BLG Business Advisers and after an initial meeting Kath started working with Clayton Childs, now a Director at BLG.

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Kollaras Group

Kollaras Group is a third generation family business that has grown substantially and successfully over almost 60 years in operation. Starting as a small fruit and vegetable-based family-owned business, Kollaras Group’s core business is now primarily focused on beverages, which they distribute to customers all over the world including cruise ships, airlines, hotel groups and retailers. Their tobacco arm of the business services a similar group of customers. Outside of the core business, Kollaras Group have a property development and property investment arm.

Nearly 30 years ago, second generation family operators, Tass and Michael Kollaras realised that the business was at a point where it could grow but they weren’t receiving the right advice. This is when BLG Director, Scott Brodie, was introduced to the brothers. He showed them how to structure the business for growth, manage their family wealth and incorporate succession planning into all future business decisions. “BLG really helped us get things right and made sure they met our long-term growth prospects when they first started with us all those years ago. A lot of those strategies that were put in place all that time ago are still helping us now,” John says.

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Sportsmaster Athletic International (SMAI) – Equipment Manufacturer

Sportsmaster Athletic International is a sports equipment manufacturer with over 3000 products for martial arts, boxing and kickboxing, MMA, strength and conditioning, mats and flooring, padded products, and more. What began as a small operation out of co-founders Homa and Lilly Alenaddaf’s garage has grown to a renowned international company serving customers across Australia and the globe.

“Our goal was to create an Australian brand that is internationally recognised for reliability, service, quality, and affordability,” says co-founder, Lilly Alenaddaf. “The result is that we’ve tripled our business over the past decade. And BLG Business Advisers has been there every step of the way.”

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Herb Parbery – 3rd Generation Dairy Farmer

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without BLG Business Advisers. They’re so friendly and loyal and they want you to do well. You want to have accountants you can really trust—it’s worth gold.” – Herb Parbery, 3rd Generation Dairy Farmer

Herb Parbery is a third generation farmer who loves his work. When he took over the family farm, they had 400 acres. Now, the family owns 3000 acres. “I wanted to make sure we expanded our holdings so that we could continue to be successful,” Herb says.

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Emagine – Enterprise Software Developer

“BLG Business Advisers is fantastic. They provide good value for money and in-depth advice on everything from tax planning to structure. They have an unreserved recommendation from me.” – David Peters, CEO and Executive Director, Emagine

Emagine provides enterprise-level marketing software to large telecommunication companies. With an international client base in Australia, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, Emagine has flourished since it was launched 18 years ago.

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BTB – Building Telco Businesses

“I recommend BLG Business Advisers to anyone with a growing business who needs smart, great heads around them. Working with BLG is a no-brainer.” – Brendon Brackin, Managing Director, BTB – Building Telco Businesses

BTB – Building Telco Businesses is a telecommunications aggregator, a company that builds networks and consolidates multiple carrier services into one circuit. Service providers contract with BTB – Building Telco Businesses for everything from wireless broadband to billing. The company is driven by a mission to provide cutting-edge technology, systems, and processes to their customers.

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South Coast Urology

“BLG Business Advisers helped us set up our partnership, the main aim of which is to make sure we all have a life. That’s hard to do as a single practitioner, and it’s all thanks to BLG.” – Dr Peter Chin, Partner, South Coast Urology

South Coast Urology is a practice of eight surgeons treating prostate cancer, enlarged prostate, kidney stones, bladder cancer, and more at several locations on the South Coast of New South Wales.

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Education Entrepreneur: MathSeeds and ReadingEggs

“Sometimes you’re in your own business and you don’t see everything as clearly as you could. BLG Business Advisers’ exposure to different businesses provides valuable insight.” – Matthew Sandblom, Founder, MathSeeds and ReadingEggs

Matthew Sandblom is a successful education entrepreneur and publisher with more than 27 years’ experience publishing books and resources for the school market. More recently, Matthew helped create MathSeeds and ReadingEggs, online learning resources that are trusted by students, parents, and educators around the world. These products make learning fun by harnessing the power of technology and gamification to improve critical academic skills.

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Former CEO of ASX-Traded Company

“BLG Business Advisers aren’t just accountants; they have very strong business skills and knowledge. I tell everyone I know to use BLG as their advisers.” – Allan Brackin, BLG Business Advisers client since 2007

Allan Brackin is an entrepreneur and investor. Years ago, he started a successful IT company that grew to over $600M AUD and was traded on the ASX. After finishing at the company in 2006, Allan turned his attention to managing his own investment portfolio and sitting on the boards of several public and private companies. Throughout that time, BLG Business Advisers has been an important partner.

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Gerringong Pharmacy

“BLG Advisers are skilled and have a wealth of knowledge in the pharmacy industry. Their advice is straightforward, logical and clear. They’ve been a pleasure to work with for the past 17 years.” – Glenn Steele, Owner, Gerringong Pharmacy

When Gerringong Pharmacy says they’re a community business, they mean it. The only pharmacy in the beautiful town of Gerringong on the South Coast of NSW, owner Glenn Steele and his team provide the bulk of the pharmaceutical services for the 4500 residents who live there.

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Woonona Medical Practice

“Where we are now versus where we were before BLG Business Advisers joined us is night and day. The practice is the happiest we’ve ever been and our finances have never looked better.” – Dr. David Stewart, Woonona Medical Practice

Woonona Medical Practice, in the northern suburbs of Wollongong, has a mission to provide the highest standard of patient care using a holistic approach that focuses on prevention.

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Cochrane Family Group Farmers

“I trust Scott. He’s an important part of our team. If I could give a recommendation out of 100, I’d give 100. There are no negatives, it’s all positive.” – Geoff Cochrane, Cochrane Family Group

Geoff and Cathie Cochrane are 7th generation dairy farmers. When Geoff left school at age 15 to work on the farm full-time, they produced 165,000 litres of milk each year. Last year, they produced 10 Million litres of milk—a 60-fold increase.

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Bulli Pharmacy

“The great thing about BLG is that they know the pharmacy market well. They know how much staff you should have, how much rent you should be paying, and the sorts of things that work well across the industry. It gives you confidence to know you’re doing what you should be doing.” – Saul Duffy, Owner, Bulli Pharmacy

Bulli Pharmacy is a local family pharmacy that prides itself on putting customers first. They provide top-notch customer service, a friendly atmosphere, personalised care and advice for customers of all ages—and even free home delivery in the local area. As a result, the store has grown to become a trusted community-focused business.

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Huon IT

“If you’re looking for a true business partner to grow your business, you can’t do better than BLG. They’re not your traditional accountant, billing time in 6-minute intervals. They’re focused on providing real value.” – Damian Huon, CEO, Huon IT

Huon IT is one of Australia’s premiere IT firms, serving small, medium, and large businesses across the globe. An agile, flexible organisation that offers highly personalised service, Huon IT prides itself on its ability to deploy cutting-edge, effective IT solutions that improve efficiency and cut costs.

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TreeServe Pty Ltd – Contractors

“BLG is responsive, engaged in my business, and passionately interested in what we do. Hiring BLG is hands-down one of the best business decisions our company has ever made.” – David Harris, Managing Director, TreeServe Pty Ltd

TreeServe is one of the leading tree and vegetation contractors in NSW. They specialise in local government tree management, powerline vegetation management, and emergency tree works serving the Sydney and Hunter Region. With an emphasis on innovation and quality service, they’ve grown from a small staff of 3 to more than 120 employees.

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Allen & Newton Pty Ltd – Construction

“BLG Business Advisers are always available and they know what they’re doing. You get to a point where you just trust them and know that they’re doing right by you. We’re very thankful for what they’ve done for us.” – Wayne Newton, Former Owner and Director of Allen & Newton Pty Ltd

Allen & Newton is a construction company that provides building services to the insurance industry. As a recommended builder, they assist with everything from disaster abatement to leaking roofs. What started as a small family business owned by Wayne Newton’s father, Peter, grew to a large construction firm serving multiple areas, including Canberra, Wollongong, Newcastle, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, and Brisbane.

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