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David Jennings Building Services

Posted on March 31, 2019

Building Services Journey from Tax Planning to Succession Planning over 20 Years, with BLG there Every Step of the Way

“If we need help, then they are there to help us. They will sort out any problem we have.” Sandra Jennings, Office Manager, David Jennings Building Services

Key Services

  • Managing cash flow
  • Ensuring the business remains tax-effective
  • Succession planning
  • Advice on property acquisition

David Jennings Building Services specialises in new homes, renovations, extensions, cladding and window installation. David and his wife Sandra began the business over 24 years ago, during which they have learnt first-hand the importance of sound financial guidance. When they realised they needed accounting advice, it was a client who insisted they talk to Scott Brodie, one of BLG’s Directors. “We were building a house for a client and she kept saying ‘you’ve got to go and see Scott, he’s a really, really good accountant’. So, we saw Scott and haven’t looked back, and that was at least 20 years ago,” Sandra said.

Simple Strategies to Manage Cash Flow & Tax

One of the first actions BLG assisted David and Sandra with was managing their cash flow. They were provided with strategies that included changing the structure of the business to make it more tax-effective. Tax planning year-round, with a consistent approach for what to purchase and when, created positive outcomes that allowed the business to operate effectively. They were then in a much more stable financial situation, with no taxation issues hanging over their heads.

With David looking after the building side of the business, the financial side is managed by Sandra who will call on BLG if there’s any uncertainty. “BLG basically put me at ease… I usually ring BLG up and say ‘is there something we can do?’ and someone is always available.”

Sandra appreciates how BLG don’t just look at the business, they also look at the personal assets to ensure they are managed and protected. BLG’s network of service providers have assisted David and Sandra with both business and personal matters and acquisitions over the years. “They just ring the solicitor and bank and whoever else is involved and give them what they need. They do that networking for us,” Sandra said. “Whenever we want to buy something, I ring up and ask ‘Is this the best way to do it?’ and they’ll give me the right advice.”

Family Matters & Recommendations

The solid rapport that Scott and Angela have built with David and Sandra over the years, led to assisting them in a succession plan that included their eldest son and his wife taking over one arm of the business. During this time Angela took them through the process involved in planning ahead and setting up strategies and safe-guards for any changes that eventuate, whether personal or business-related.

Over more than two decades BLG have helped David and Sandra with business structuring, tax planning, generational succession planning and property acquisitions, securing their business and their future. Because BLG’s advice has never been wrong, and their team has always provided responsive service to any enquiries she or her family has, Sandra freely recommends BLG to anyone looking for a new accountant or business adviser, including her friends. Some of them have businesses, and they finally went and saw Scott and Angela and they sorted out all their [businesses] as well. So now they recommend them on,” Sandra said. “And everyone has been so happy with them!”

Benefits and Results

  • Improved cash flow through business restructuring and taxation planning strategies.
  • Easy, stress-free navigation through both business and personal asset acquisition and management.
  • Responsive service and advice whenever it’s required.
  • Effective generational succession planning for the future of the business and family.


“We’ve told quite a few of our friends because they’ve seen over the years how we’ve done things and they’d say, ‘How do you do that?’ and we’d say ‘Go and see BLG, you really need to’,” said Sandra. “They just make it so easy!”


You forgot to mention what a great builder David Jennings is. Obviously with no accounting worries and a brilliant office manager in Sandra, he is able to devote 110% to what matters most and that is building great innovative homes – and I should know as he built mine 14 years ago, and it still blows people away when they visit.

    BLG Business Advisers

    Great comment Ross, thank you. We think David, Sandra and the team are fantastic, and the best praise comes from the work they’ve done with clients like yourself. We’ll be sure to pass on your kind words to them.

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