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Lorenzo Mascarinas

Graduate Accountant


While playing football was Lorenzo’s main activity growing up, he always enjoyed economics, maths and business studies, so accounting was the career that ended up appealing to him the most. Lorenzo’s first job was tutoring university students as part of the Business4Success program, until he decided to start building his accounting career alongside experienced and knowledgeable individuals while completing his studies. When BLG offered him a job he went for it and has been delivering great results here for 18 months.

Lorenzo enjoys learning about clients and their background stories before starting a job, and works closely with them to determine their situation so clear, workable solutions can be created. Year end work also allows him to come up with strategies that help clients achieve great results. Lorenzo likes working with the people at BLG. He finds the whole team, from his colleagues to the Directors, very easy to work with and always willing to help or offer advice.

When not working at BLG, Lorenzo enjoys watching music gigs and supporting his favourite artists, as well as turning up to Sydney FC soccer matches whenever he can.