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BLG’s 25th Anniversary #4

What ONE word describes BLG?

Here is the 4th instalment in our series of 25th Anniversary videos celebrating what makes BLG Business Advisers different. This is 30 seconds of light-hearted fun where we asked some of our team what ONE word describes BLG… and it wasn’t as easy as it sounds! Enjoy watching the answers.

Thanks again to Xander Productions who we enjoy working with and always provide quality.

BLG’s 25th Anniversary #3

What makes BLG special to you?

For BLG’s 25th Anniversary year we wanted to dive into what makes our business advisory firm so different. So we asked a cross-section of our team the question ‘What makes BLG special to you?’. It comes down to relationships and respect both within our team and with our clients, and it makes for a really great firm to be part of. Here’s a little more insight into our team and BLG as a whole. Take a few minutes break and enjoy watching!

Credit to Xander Productions for their wonderful work on video production.

BLG’s 25th Anniversary #2

What BLG moment stands out for you?

During BLG’s 25th Anniversary year we are celebrating with a range of videos – some fun and others reflective. Here our Directors take a minute to reflect on what BLG moment has stood out for them over the years. Here’s a little more insight into our team. Enjoy watching!

Thanks to Xander Productions for their great work on these videos.

BLG’s 25th Anniversary Video #1

What do the letters B-L-G stand for?

Most of our clients know where the letters in our name ‘BLG’ originated from, our first three Directors. But we wanted to find out if members of our team could create a few other words that represented us using those letters. The results may surprise you!

This quality video is thanks to Xander Productions.

Phil’s Weekly Joke

BLG Director, Phil Grant, loves to share a joke around the office.

While Phil is a fantastic business adviser… his jokes just aren’t at the same level. Sometimes he’ll get a giggle, but they don’t always receive the laughs he expects!

Special thanks to Xander Productions for creating this video.

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